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Version 1.1 of the Neovolve.Toolkit.Server.dll assembly contains the following namespaces and classes.


Class Description
AspNetCacheStore The AspNetCacheStore class is used to provide a ICacheStore implementation that leverages a Cache instance.


Class Description
UnityControllerFactory The UnityControllerFactory class is used to provide a controller factory that creates controllers using a IUnityContainer instance.
UnityControllerFactoryHttpModule The UnityControllerFactoryHttpModule class is used to build up ASP.Net MVC controller instances using an IUnityContainer.
UnityHttpModule The UnityHttpModule class is used to build up ASP.Net pages with property and method injection after they are created but before they are used for request processing.
UnityHttpModuleBase The UnityHttpModuleBase class is used to provide management of a global unity container for IHttpModule instances.
UnityServiceHostFactory The UnityServiceHostFactory class is used to create a ServiceHost instance that supports creating service instances with Unity.

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